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Working Hard? Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine a cool spring breeze caressing your skin, the fresh scent of linen hanging on the line to dry. Let your imagination take you to the most peaceful place in your soul.

Now open your eyes. The escape you have been waiting for is here. At Persnickety Cleaning we do our best to make your house feel more like home. We make it our job to bring a smile to your face with the simple pleasure of coming home to relax, not work.

We make it our first priority to provide premium quality cleaning services at affordable prices. You deserve to come home to a clean, fresh home.



Persnickety Green Cleaning has done thorough research on Green Cleaning products available to us today. After trying many products, Persnickety Cleaning believes the best way to be eco-friendly in our homes is to use the most natural, chemical free products available. We found the most environment friendly products are already in the cabinets of many homes.

When using chemicals to clean our homes, less is more. Contrary to what the manufacturers of cleaning products would like us to believe, we do not need a separate cleaner for each job. Many products have names that entice us to buy them such as: toilet bowl cleaner, shower cleaner, kitchen cleaner etc.These advertising gimmicks are a waste of money and of space.

Persnickety Green Cleaning Service invests in individual physical health and protects our environment by using basic ingredients to clean each home. Please click on the cleaning products tab above to view our choices in Greening your home.

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Give us a call! We provide free estimates on the phone or in person. We prefer to come to your home so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate but certainly feel free to place a phone call if you are looking for a ballpark estimate to Persnickety Green Clean your home. We are flexible with our meeting time and we will easily be able to accommodate your schedule. We accept cash, check or credit card.


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